Diva 10-7-2018

" Our girl has started walking stiff and slow in her back hips/ legs but gets better once she's moving awhile. But she reminds me of myself who is loaded with osteoarthritis, ms and diabetes. I have looked at so many things trying to find one to help her. She takes Alpoquel since moving south two yrs ago. The allergies for dogs here are bad. We didn't see this up north. But, that med is 90.00 a month and I live on disability so I would like to know how long one bottle will last at what cost.? I'd love you see her be able to jump up on our bed without my husband's help again. She's only seven the end of this month, my first ever dog and I will be 60 soon. We got her a eight weeks old. She's like my child. Thank you for any help. I have lost money I can't afford to trying other things and can't afford to do that again." -Brenda S.

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