Best Dog-Friendly Cities

Here are best dog-friendly cities

Austin, Texas

Home of 11 dog parks, 35 pet photographers, and mobile dog food-trucks, Austin, Texas is a mecca for dog-owners, dog-lovers, and dogs alike. There is an endless amount of pet boutiques and healthy pet food stores. Dogs are even welcomed at most shops and restaurants, allowing you to dine and shop with your canine friend. Austin also hosts a variety of dog celebrations including the Eastern Pet Parade and Costume Contest and Austin Dog Fair.

Additionally, there are a variety of fun things to do with your dog; for example, Austin Doga offers yoga classes for both you and your dog. Innovative, exciting, and fun, Austin, TX welcomes dogs from all walks of life.

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon contains a plethora of attractions specifically geared to spoil your dog. With 33 dog parks, the most per capita of any large city in the United States, and 19 dog-massage therapists, Portland is overflowing with activities for you and your best friend. You can enjoy a beer while chilling with your dog at the Lucky Labrador Pub, or you can also catch a bite to eat at the Tin Shed Garden Café, known for its doggie menu.

Portland is also home to the annual Pug Crawl and Pit Bull Parade, offering fun for dogs of all sizes. The city also has its very own social network for dog lovers. Furthermore, only adding to this doggie paradise, Portland’s Cannon Beach contains many pet friendly hotels and off-leash beaches for a fun puppy vacation.

San Francisco, California

Home of 27 dog parks, San Francisco offers many activities for dogs and their owners. There are over 50 dog meet-up groups and an annual DogFest. Bay Woof also serves as the local dog news source. If you ever want to sail the Bay’s waters, there is a cruise you can take with your four-legged friend.

Additionally, San Francisco boasts its plethora of dog-friendly restaurants, gyms, and trolley rides. With a total of 56 attractions geared for dogs, San Francisco is a must-go for dogs and dog-lovers alike.

Chicago, IL

Chicago is known to accommodate dogs from all walks of life. With 3 dog-friendly beaches, feel free to take your four-legged friend for a splash in Lake Michigan at the Montrose Dog Beach. Though Chicago only has 18 off-leash dog parks, the city offers various other dog-accommodating activities. When visiting the Navy Pier, be sure to take your dog with you while you take a tour around. Chicago also offers a concierge dog service, and various boutiques, such as Barker & Meowsky, for your dog’s next red carpet appearance.

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