Bull Terrier Helps Owner Get Through Divorce Depression

Meet Jimmy Choo. No, not those fabulous stilettos. The awkward but regal-looking, handsome Bull Terrier who’s become an overnight sensation simply for being man’s best friend. Brazilian artist Rafael Mantesso came home to an empty apartment only to find his wife dumped him, took everything and left him with one thing – Jimmy.

To get through these tough times, Mantesso was inspired by Jimmy to draw on his bare blank walls in his apartment with a marker around his four-legged friend in various scenes. These adorable and hilarious drawings caught the eye of the actual Jimmy Choo couture brand that they turned Mantesso’s illustrations into a limited-edition collection of iPhone cases and tote bags.

Just goes to show you that life imitates art. In this case, Jimmy Choo is the masterpiece. The dog that is.

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