Dogs Are Psychic

With their keen sense of smell, sight, and hearing, dogs are able to predict and give warning to certain events before they even happen. In countless horror movies, dogs are often depicted reacting strangely (and of course, accurately) to supernatural beings and hauntings. Dogs are extremely aware of their surroundings and are constantly alert, listening to the quietest of noises and noticing the slightest of movements. Below is a list of just some of the things that dogs are able to sense.

1. Earthquakes

Often when an earthquake is on its way, dogs will begin to lose it for no apparent reason. The U.S. Geological Survey claims that dogs just feel earthquakes earlier than humans. Many seismologists think that dogs (and even other animals) can feel weak shocks that humans cannot feel, generated by the movement of rocks crumbling beneath the Earth’s surface. Others explain that dogs can literally feel the rumbling of the quake via their paws’ close contact with the ground. If your dog begins to go crazy randomly, be prepared to brace yourself!

2. Illness

With such a profound sense of smell, dogs are able to sniff out if something is not quite right with their owners. Humans will give off extremely faint odors of illnesses such as cancer and diabetes – odors that our human noses are not capable of detecting. When dogs notice that something is off, they will start to direct their attention to the source of the problem. If your dog’s sniffs are beginning to target a very specific area of your body, consider making a trip to the doctor’s office.

3. Labor during pregnancy

Just another example of dogs’ phenomenal sense of perception, dogs can actually predict the beginning of labor in pregnant women. Dogs will often stay close and alertly follow their pregnant owners the day before or the day of the start of labor. Science has not totally pinned down how dogs are able to sense the oncoming of labor. However, some think that dogs can sense the “physical transition” of the pregnancy or some sort of “labor scent” that pregnant women might give off.

4. Seizures

Not only are dogs naturally born with incredible senses, but they can also be trained to notice and notify in times of danger. Dogs can be taught to become medical service dogs in which they know how to alert for help prior to a seizure. These dogs have such refined senses that they can detect the specific signs of an oncoming seizure. They are just able to know what and when it will happen, but we still have yet to figure out how these dogs can do it!



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