Moose Is No Match For Hero Dog

Heroic dog endangers her own life to save family from moose attack

A selfless superhero arose after a courageous yet terrifying encounter in Ruby Gulch, Colorado. Ginger Wolfe’s golden retriever, Chelsea, nobly risked her life by placing herself between her owner’s boyfriend and family and a charging moose.

During a family camping trip, on June 13, 2015, Wolfe’s boyfriend Jeremiah McLaughlin, his mother, and sister along with her two young children decided to go on a short afternoon hike down to the nearby creek. After spending time at the stream, the family began to walk back to their campsite. Only 50 yards from the tents, menacingly overlooking them from the top of the hill, were a moose and her two calves. In a heartbeat, the moose lowered her head and began to charge at the family and Chelsea. Chelsea, after witnessing the moose threatening the lives of Jeremiah and his family, without hesitation, fearlessly threw herself between the creature and the family. Barking and scratching, attempting anything possible to defend the family, the 9-year old pup was able to distract the moose by becoming the main target of the moose’s attacks. Seeing the moose beating Chelsea as she struggled to retaliate, McLaughlin tried to intercept and rescue Chelsea. Though whenever he came close, the moose redirected his attention to McLaughlin. However, Chelsea, despite her injuries, pressed on on and would continue to tackle the moose.

“In a heartbeat, the moose lowered her head and began to charge.”

Eventually McLaughlin was able to obtain a large tree branch and strike the animal on the head. Finally defeated, the moose ran away.

Fearing the worst, the family rushed Chelsea to the nearest vet. Luckily, the courageous fighter only suffered a swollen liver, throat, and legs, from which she is expected to fully recover.

Still amazed by her dog’s courageous act, Wolfe reflected, stating, “I’m so proud of her… Chelsea basically put herself in the way to save all of them.”

Wolfe also commented “I’m just happy she is alive. I was surprised, but I also know that she is very loyal.”

McLaughlin, with relief and thanks, recalls that the “dog didn’t hesitate one bit. As soon as she saw that moose go after us, she went right after it and didn’t back down.”

Without their loyal soldier, the family likely would have fell victim to the moose’s assault. Chelsea, often characterized as a “sweetheart [without] a mean bone in her body”, truly stepped forward in a time of panic, a time of vulnerability, a time that called for courage, altruism, and heroism.

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