Top Dog-Friendly Hotel Chains

1. Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton Hotels are of the most lenient and generous of hotel chains when it comes to accommodating your furry best friend. They were one of the first hotels to roll out the red carpet to those with four legs. There is even a designated Director of Pet Relations to ensure your pup gets a woofing welcome. There are also no fees or weight limits for dogs. Furthermore, this accommodating hotel chain provides dog treats, beds, and bowls. Kimpton Hotels even offer gourmet room service for dogs and doga – yoga for humans and their dogs. With 52 locations, the Kimpton Hotels are a great choice for you and your pup!

2. Mandarin Oriental Hotels

The Mandarin Oriental Hotels are known for their luxurious facilities and phenomenal customer service. Do not be alarmed when every employee makes sure to greet you and your pet by name. Your pup will be greeted with gourmet treats, toys, a plush loaner bed, doggie water bowls, and even, a Mandarin Oriental (MO) dog tag. With six hotels, weight limits and fees differ, so be sure to contact the hotel prior. If you are looking for luxury, customization, and immense hospitality, the Mandarin Oriental Hotels offer the perfect hotel experience.

3. Loews Hotels

Loews Hotels Loews Hotels feature one of the best hotel pet programs in the nation. Boasting of a program known as “Loews Loves Pets”, Loews Hotels have a variety of packages for your pup. The welcome package includes a doggie bowl, dog treats, and dog tag. Other programs offer services including pet sitting, dog walking, and dog spa treatments. The hotel also happily provides local pet service contact information, loaner beds, and leashes. Partnering with Banfield Pet Hospital, four-legged guests can have a complimentary examination, and even a 15% discount on various services during their stay. Showcasing a plethora of dog services for a fee of only $25, Loews Hotels will be sure to make sure your stay is exceptional.

4. Ritz-Carlton Hotels

Not all Ritz-Carlton Hotels allow pets, but those that do make sure their four-legged guests are accommodated for. Offering everything a doggie could ask for, ranging from treats, toys, loaner beds, to water bowls, the Ritz-Carlton ensures that all their puppy visitors are comfortable. Though pets are restricted from certain areas of the hotel, the Ritz-Carlton’s pet services also feature canine room service, dog spa treatments, and even certified canine massage therapists. For a hotel that is actually able to “do it all” for both you and your pup, be sure to book your next vacation stay at the Ritz-Carlton!

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