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Customer Testimonials

My beautiful dog Hooch was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. I’ve been using Critical Immune defense combined with your probiotic for about a month and the difference is amazing! Hooch seems to be in better spirits and he is eating again. He saw me taking one of my other dogs for a walk and came to the fence and put his nose on the leash like “I want to go too.” I know he is feeling better, and I feel that the Critical Immune Defense and the Probiotic are working!

- Kelly B. Valencia, CA

My dog had been on steroids for a back injury and developed a bacterial skin infection as a result. I was concerned he might have immune system problems. This product is made in the USA and is all natural, and I can use it with his allergy meds & antibiotics. He loves the taste, even licks the bowl to get it all. I think this product has helped him very much to combat this bacterial infection. He is 11 yrs old and I want him to live a long, healthy life.

- Judy W. Richlands, VA

My dog loves Critical Immune Defense. No problem with taste and the ingredients are great. He’s an old timer -- 15 ½ years old -- and 70 pounds and he’s doing well despite diabetes and a neurological impairment. He still goes for his walks, albeit, very slowly.

- Tamara W. Florida

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