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Customer Testimonials

My vet was amazed in the difference in my 12 year old lab, Sadie, after only one month on the Green-Lipped Mussel VetSmart Formula. I just got my Probiotic formula this week to add once a day. We were not able to take walks for over a year because of her spinal and foot joint arthritis. She has her normal gate back for walks and is now able to get up the two steps to the porch without help and encouragement. She’s like a new dog. I’m so grateful for this formula. Thank you.”

– Jocelyn T.

“This product is awesome! It gave my 14 y.o. yellow lab her quality of life back. Early Dec she had an arthritic flare up. She couldn’t put weight on one hind leg & I literally was having to lift her to get up to go out. I ordered VetSmart & started her on it 12/11. By the end of the week she could get up & down with minimal assistance & now is totally independent. She’s even been able to resume her nature walks of ~45’ on varied terrain. Her eyes are bright & she’s once again enjoying good health. I’m so grateful for this product! It gave my dog back!”

– Joy S.

“I can’t thank you enough for making a product that actually works to help older dogs. I never write reviews, but this time, I had to share the good news. I have tried so many different products over the years. Yours is the first I feel really has helped my furry friends.

– Candiss F.

“After a yr on Vetprofen 2x’s a day I started our big guy/old man (13.10 yrs old) on these, along with the probiotic almost 2 wks ago. He LOVES them, think they’re treats! Started seeing a difference in his mobility in about 3 days! Have started weaning him from his Rx drug. Have already ordered more… don’t want to run out! =)

AGAIN!! I HAVE to add my 2 cents! My coonhound/ridgeback will be 14 years old in 14 days. Although he will never act like a young pup again (he IS old, especially for such a big boy) but he has started exploring again. He had been on a scrip of Vetprofin for quite a while. He is now completely off and taking on the hip and joint “treat” along with the probiotic. Noticed a difference in him in only 3 days! I have since started giving my 9.5 yr old Bostie a daily dose of “treats” also. He broke his elbow when he was 6 mos old, still has the pins. Has never slowed him down, run, run, run, but… his nights no longer end with a limp. My boys, Tyson and Odie in their younger days.”

– Paula E.

“I bought his and I see a huge difference with my dog! Definitely give it a try for your fur babies!! I’ll be reordering soon!!”

– Gina S.

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