Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer

This powerful probiotic, designed for specifically for dogs, provides the good bacteria needed for a healthy gut. When used with the joint supplement as part of your treatment for dog arthritis, this combination works together to maximize nutrient absorption so the cells of your pet’s entire body remain happy and healthy.

-One of the best probiotics on the market with 15 Billion active cultures! Compare to all the others and see for yourself!

-Promotes cellular absorption of the joint supplement for more effective results

-Provides good bacteria needed for a healthy gut

-Restores nutritional balance blocked by food additives

-Re-stabilizes an unhealthy gut by replacing fundamental acids needed for digestion

-Attacks inflammation from commercial dog foods, medications, and other sources

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in the digestive tract and have been used for centuries to maintain a healthy intestinal tract. The term probiotics originates from the Greek word that means “for life.” When ingested, these living microorganisms replenish the microflora in your pet’s intestinal tract. This results in the promotion of a number of health-enhancing functions, including enhanced digestive function. All dogs can benefit from probiotics, which aid digestion, modulate the immune system, inhibit the growth and activity of harmful bacteria, treat diarrhea, irritable bowel and intestinal inflammation, prevent urinary tract infections, reduce allergic reactions, and more.


The reality is that there are plenty of foods that contain natural probiotics. Foods such as yogurt, leeks, onions, bananas, sauerkraut, honey, and garlic all contain certain amounts of probiotics. However, most of these foods are not ideal for dogs. Quite the contrary! Onions and large quantities of garlic are dangerous and should be avoided. Most dogs will simply not eat sauerkraut, yogurt, or honey in enough quantity to get the probiotic benefits. So, probiotics are good for your dog, but difficult to receive unless you add a probiotic supplement to your dog’s diet.

Vetsmart Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer

Why do we call it that? Simple. Our probiotic provides all the benefits of a high-quality veterinarian prescribed probiotic, but our product is also designed to enhance the absorption of nutrients, and specifically the nutrients found in the Vetsmart Hip + Joint Complex.

How? The heart of nutrient absorption lies within your dog’s gastrointestinal system and proper digestion. If you optimize digestion and remove the things that may be inhibiting absorption within the gastrointestinal system, your dog will reap more of the benefits from the supplements and nutrients they consume. That’s why the VetSmart System includes a high-quality probiotic we call the “Nutrient Enhancer!”

Warning: All Probiotics Are NOT The Same!

All probiotics are not the same, and one of the key aspects is the amount of live bacteria cultures in the product that provide the benefits. Most probiotic products contain 1 to 5 million active cultures. Unfortunately, this number is significantly reduced by environmental issues and by the live cultures passing through the acids in your dog’s stomach. Tests indicate that the active cultures that survive these two issues are as little as 10-50% of the claims made on the label. Here’s the challenge:

-Most probiotic products are cheap and unstable, they lose their potency quickly when the active cultures expire, and they never make it to your dog’s stomach. If you think you are giving your dog 5 million active cultures, think again since many of these cultures are not stable and will die off.

-Read the labels. Many probiotics require refrigeration to keep the bacteria alive. Not only is this not practical, it makes shipping the product from the manufacturer to your home very difficult.

-Your dog’s stomach acid and bile are very strong and require certain strains of bacteria in order to survive the journey to the intestines. Probiotics are host-specific, and probiotics made for humans will generally not work well, will be a waste of money, will deliver no benefit, and will possibly be harmful to your dog.

Why is the VetSmart Product Better?

Our Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer is specifically designed by veterinarians to deliver maximum potency and maximum benefits to your dog! Here are several reasons why.

  • -The VetSmart Nutrient Enhancer contains more than 15 billion active cultures, as compared to most probiotics that contain 1 to 5 million. This ensures your dog will gain all the benefits necessary from the VetSmart System.

  • -Our formulation experts selected the best strains of active bacteria cultures for your dog, taking into account canine body chemistry. The result is a proprietary blend of active bacteria strains sold exclusive by VetSmart Formulas.

  • -Our cultures are microencapsulated to ensure that the beneficial active cultures are alive when your dog consumes them, and the cultures are designed to survive the journey through your dog’s stomach to it’s intestines.

  • -Our product is shelf-stable and does not require refrigeration. It’s mildly flavored with natural beef liver, and you simply open the capsule and easily sprinkle the probiotic on your dog’s food.

In addition to all the benefits of probiotics, the real secret to our product is this: it’s designed to work within the cell structure to assist your dog in absorbing the Advanced Hip + Joint Complex, and deliver more effective and powerful benefits and results. That’s why we call our system the VetSmart System!

Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer Product Facts:

Product Facts

Directions For Use:

Open capsule and sprinkle on food. Discard empty capsule.

  • -1/2 capsule daily for dogs weighing 3-10 lbs

  • -1 capsule daily for dogs weighing 11-80 lbs

  • -2 capsules daily for dogs weighing 81+ lbs

EXPERT TIP: Expedite and enhance the results of your supplement!

The Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer is an important “booster” to the Advanced Hip + Joint Complex, and is the second component in the VetSmart System.

The Natural Solution Veterinarians Trust

The Natural Solution Veterinarians Trust

VetSmart Formulas was originally designed for veterinarians. This means they deliver the clinical-strength quality and efficacy veterinarians demand in products they prescribe and recommend. They are wheat-free and contain no artificial colors or flavors. Even more, they’re safe for dogs with allergies and can be used along with most prescription medications. In fact, many prescription medications have harmful side-effects and you can use VetSmart Formulas to replace medications such as Rimadyl, Deramaxx, Metacam, and Previcox and get the same great results!

Manufactured In The USA To The Highest Quality Standards!

Manufactured In The USA To The Highest Quality Standards!

We use the best manufacturers in the industry! Our products are made in FDA audited facilities which operate using current good manufacturing practices (cGMP). Additionally, our manufacturers are audited by Underwriter Labs. All the ingredients are inspected and tested before processing. This ensures we deliver consistently safe, high-quality products to you!


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VetSmart Formulas strives to keep your dog moving pain-free, which is why we offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee. If at any point you decide it’s not the best dog supplement on the planet, remember you are protected by the highest standard 100% money-back guarantee. Just send us the empty bottles and we’ll refund you to the last penny, no questions asked. If after 30 days of use, you are unhappy and would like a refund, here’s exactly what to do:

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These guidelines were created to keep you satisfied, while at the same time ensuring we can continue to provide a quality product to other happy customers for years to come. Returning VetSmart Formulas without complying with our policy will unfortunately deem your transaction non-refundable.

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