Advanced Hip & Joint Complex with MSM - 120ct, Bottle x3

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  • DOG JOINT AND HIP SUPPLEMENT - Protects and prevents joint problems with extra Vitamin E and C antioxidants. Reduces swelling and inflammation.
  • ENHANCED GLUCOSAMINE SUPPORT - Contains 200% more Glucosamine and over 150% more MSM than other joint pain medicines. Eliminates limping or trembling.
  • DOG PAIN GONE - Supports pain-free movement from natural MSM needed for healthy cartilage and joint lubrication. Relieves chronic pain and discomfort.
  • NATURAL JOINT CARE - Green-Lipped Mussel from the clean waters of New Zealand reduces inflammation 100 times better than traditional fish oils according to clinical studies. Restores ability to walk, run and to climb stairs.
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS - VetSmart Formula is the best dog joint and pain relief product on the market today. If you are not completely satisfied with the results, just contact us within 30-days and we will give you a full refund. VetSmart Formulas products are 100% MADE IN THE USA.
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Great results!

Buddy was limping, losing the use of his back legs, and in constant pain. He has a spondylosis in one hip and is not a candidate for surgery. After starting the Hip & Joint Complex, I saw a rapid improvement in his condition. He can climb stairs now, he is playing with our other pets again, and seems to feel good most of the time. He seems to have reached a plateau. I’m not sure if he is as well as he can be or if I need to increase dosage to see if more improvement can be made. But I know that this supplement has improved his quality of life and I am so glad that I made the decision to try it. Well worth it!


My dog Gracie is 7.5 years old. When she hit 5.5 years old, she began to develop a limp. I didn't think much of it at first, as it was not constant. Over the course of the next 8 months, it became more pronounced. She also started having trouble getting up from a nap, jumping on the bed, etc. She was laboring. I tried medication from the vet, it had zero impact. So i started researching. After meticulous research, i decided to give this a try. Nothing changed at first; but then, about the 4th week of using, i noticed she was not laboring as much to get up off the floor after a nap. That invigorated me, and i was all in. Fast forward to now, 2 years later, and she is like a puppy again! The zoomies are back, she runs laps in the backyard, and she has not even hinted at a limp in 2 years. This stuff is amazing, and gave Gracie back her youth.


Have used product for about a year and will continue to do so. Coupled with a diet, I have noticed a difference in my dog's mobility while taking these supplements.

I noted a huge improvement with my dog. Especially over the CBD I tried first.

I really loved this product


it may be helping some