Total Oral Care Spray with Aloe vera - 118ml, Bottle x3

Total Oral Care Spray with Aloe vera - 118ml, Bottle x3

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  • No More Bad Breath
    A few simple sprays delivers extra fresh breath on contact without any harsh chemicals or alcohol. Contains soothing Aloe vera and great taste that pets love! Ideal for dogs and cats of all breeds and ages! Safe for your pet to swallow, no rinsing needed.
  • Stop Gum & Oral Disease
    Keeping your pet’s teeth and gums clean will prevent build-up of tartar and plaque, which causes bad breath, horrible tooth decay and gum disease. VetSmart Formulas Total Oral Care Spray is an effective and easy solution in one bottle. Fresh breath, clean teeth and healthy gums are now a few sprays away.
  • Veterinarian Recommended
    Does more than keep your pet’s breath fresh! Research by the American Veterinary Medical Association shows that dental disease starts at a very early age, and good oral care is critical to prevent tooth loss and irreversible gum disease. This proprietary formula is recommended by veterinarians to support essential periodontal care.
  • All-Natural Oral Care
    A unique blend of human-grade ingredients including Peppermint, Cloves, Honey, Cinnamon and Aloe Vera work together to balance oral chemistry. Also, excellent for soothing gum irritations.
  • Effective & Easy to Use
    No brushing required. No side effects. No enamel damage. Simply spray on your pet’s teeth and gums. Alternatively, you can also spray in your pet’s water bowl. This is a veterinarian strength pet product that is easy to use and really works!
  • Totally Safe & Made in the USA!
    NO artificial ingredients, flavors or colors. Alcohol, wheat and soy free. Safe to use with most prescription medications. Manufactured in safe and regulated facilities in the USA.
  • Use on All Pets
    Ideal for dogs and cats of all breeds and ages! Safe for your pet to swallow, no rinsing needed.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Aloe Vera spray

    My dog is not a fan of it spraying in her mouth, so I have to try stealth maneuvers to use it. Will try the water bowl next.

    Janice Keats
    Better breath

    In one week of using the product we are seeing and smelling signs of improvement. Our dogs would not let us spray their gums, so I have been adding product to water as directed. And we are still seeing improvements.

    theresa o'sullivan
    tooth spray Total Oral Care Spray with Aloe

    One of the Best tooth Sprays I have ever used! Spencer loves the taste and his teeth are so white! Thank you Pet Wellness Direct! Love all your Supplements!
    Theresa O'Sullivan

    Joe Sozzi
    Nice oral care spray

    I got it for my 10 year old golden retriever, Buddy. He has some plague on his back molars and his gums are a little loose. I had started to spray in his water, didn't want to spray it in his mouth yet. It seems to be working slowly as he has a little less plague. I'll keep spraying in his water every morning. Thumbs up! Thanks for this awesome product!

    Kelly Mushaney
    It works

    It’s a process but it works