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Meet The Founder

Pet Wellness Direct & VetSmart Formulas

Pet Wellness Direct was founded in 2015 out of frustration when pet owner Russ Kamalski was searching for a solution to help his dog Sienna with her hip and joint pain and the related inflammation.

As Sienna grew older, she started limping with pain and eventually resorted to walking on three legs. It was just too excruciating to watch. Russ avoided prescription pain pills and steroids since Sienna’s vet indicated that over time the medications would harm her kidneys and liver. Sienna’s suffering was not fair to any pet, especially one that was very much part of the family.

After researching the market for natural joint supplements, and trying most of them with disappointing results, the situation became more dire. The joint supplements on the market were not high-quality, the results were non-existent, and the lack of product information and education added to the confusion and frustration.

This journey led to a team of incredible experts that included veterinarians, biomolecular scientists, nutritionists, and manufacturers of medical-grade supplements. They all shared the passion to help pets with hip and joint pain, and helped us develop our first product under the VetSmart Formulas brand name. Advanced Hip + Joint Complex includes a highly effective combination of Green-Lipped Mussel, Sea Cucumber and natural ingredients that delivered amazing results to Sienna, and now, to more than 100,000 dogs across the country.

Recognizing the many issues that cause pets to suffer, the Pet Wellness Direct team began to develop additional products to keep pets out of pain, and maintain long-term health. With each new product in the VetSmart Formulas line, we remember that it all started with Sienna, and acknowledging that her health challenges were the same as so many precious pets in the world!

Sienna has been the inspiration for many of the products, and the VetSmart Formulas product line now includes an incredible probiotic with 15 billion active cultures to assist with healthy digestion, an all natural oral care spray to prevent tooth decay and disease, and an immune booster to help fight deadly diseases, including the #1 killer of dogs and cats -- cancer. More products are in development that will help pets stay healthy and out of pain.

We’re proud to say that all Vetsmart products are made in the U.S.A. from the highest quality ingredients, and we follow the FDA’s official standards of Good Manufacturing Practices. Our products are different from what you will find on a typical retail shelf. They are all-natural, veterinarian strength, with no artificial colors, flavors or fillers.

VetSmart Formulas products are not available in retail stores. You can Order Now from our online Pet Wellness Direct store.

Our Mission Statement

Pet Wellness Direct is a direct-to-consumer distributor of scientifically formulated products approved by veterinarians and designed to promote optimum wellness. We deliver education from the world’s leading experts in the pet industry to help our customers make better informed purchase decisions to ensure their pet’s longevity.

We believe your pet is part of the family and every family member counts.

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