Is this safe to use?

VetSmart Formulas was originally designed for veterinarians. This means they deliver the clinical-strength quality and efficacy veterinarians demand in products they prescribe and recommend. They are wheat-free and contain no artificial colors or flavors. Even more, They’re safe for dogs with allergies and can be used along with most prescription medications. In fact, many prescription medications have harmful side-effects and you can use VetSmart Formulas to replace medications such as Rimadyl, Deramaxx, Metacam, Previcox and get the same great results!


Can humans, cats, horses, etc., take this too?

Nope, sorry. This formula is currently only available for dogs.


Why does it cost so much?

We realise that this formula is NOT inexpensive and we hope to be able to decrease our manufacturing costs over time so that we can help make this product more accessible to all who need it!  We’re committed to sourcing the highest-quality ingredients available and because of this and the specific combination of ingredients that we use, this product is safe and uniquely-effective, and we absolutely won’t compromise that!


Will my dog like the taste?

Most dogs LOVE the taste! We recommend that you break up the tablets and simply mix them in with your dog’s food. Here’s a great video that will show you how:


How long does it work?

Depending on your dog’s age, weight and condition, 2-4 weeks is typically how long it takes to see improvement.


Will this dog my work too?

Thousands of dogs continue to benefit every month from our formula. If your dog has a situation similar to the other dogs you may have read about in our reviews then this product may likely help your dog too. That’s said, every dog is unique and unfortunately there are some dogs that have problems this formula can not solve. This is exactly why we offer a 30 day risk-free money back guarantee.


How does VetSmart compare to other products?

VetSmart Comparison Chart