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Kills Fleas And Ticks On Contact

Veterinarian-strength formula contains only plant-based ingredients backed by years of science and research

Provides Immediate Relief

Plant-based essential oils and detergent-free conditioners soothe itchy, irritated skin and keeps your pet’s coat shiny and moisturized

Keeps Your Home Insect-Free

Safe to use on furniture, carpet, and anywhere else insects, eggs, and larvae
might be hiding

No Harmful Chemicals Or Toxins

Unlike many popular over-the-counter flea treatments, contains ZERO pesticides or suspected carcinogens

Safe For Year-Round Use

Keeps your dog’s fur shiny, conditioned, and soft – while repelling fleas, ticks, and other pesky bugs all year round!

You'll Love The Smell

No soap, detergents, or artificial fragrances – just a fresh, natural scent that will keep your dog and home smelling great!

Protect Your Pet From The Misery Of Fleas & Ticks

You know how painfully itchy a single bug bite can be.

Now imagine what it’s like for dogs dealing with hundreds or even thousands of bites – for weeks or even months on end! Not to mention the endless irritation of bugs crawling through their fur, biting into their flesh, sucking their blood, and laying hundreds of eggs all over their bodies.

If that’s an unpleasant thought, imagine how our poor dogs feel when they’re LIVING it!

Thankfully, there’s an all-natural veterinarian-strength remedy that kills fleas, eggs, and larvae on contact and creates a protective barrier that repels insects, and keeps your pet happily free of bug bites – without using harsh soaps, detergents, chemicals or toxins.

VetSmart Formulas plant-based PROTECT Shampoo and Home + Dog Spray are backed by research and proven to eliminate fleas and ticks, soothe your pet’s irritated skin, keep their coat thick and shiny, and protect them from insects – even at the height of flea and tick season.

And they are perfectly safe to use on your pet, furniture, carpets, and bedding all year round!


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How Our Proprietary Plant-Based Formula Works

Too many flea or tick treatments contain harsh chemicals such as DEET and other possible carcinogens. When dealing with an infestation, concerned pet owners may even resort to using “bug bombs” or calling the exterminator!

But there’s no need to risk your pet’s health or yours by spraying toxic insecticides all over your home. VetSmart Formulas PROTECT Shampoo and Home + Dog Spray contain only pet-safe essential oils and other plant-based ingredients that bring instant relief to your dog while destroying 98-100% of all fleas and ticks it comes into contact with.

Safe For Dogs With Sensitive Skin And Allergies

VetSmart Formulas PROTECT Dog Shampoo and Home + Dog Spray are both soap and detergent-free, so the natural oils of your pet’s coat and skin won’t be stripped.

Unlike other conventional anti-pest treatments, our products contain ZERO:

  • Artificial ingredients, colors, or fragrances
  • Harsh chemicals or pesticides
  • Alcohol
  • Parabens
  • Animal by-products

Only plant-based, non-toxic natural ingredients that will prevent dry, itchy, and flaky skin and soothe and revitalize your pet’s skin and coat. You’ll love the fresh, natural scent!

Made With The Highest Quality Natural Ingredients

Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood Oil has long been used as an effective treatment for killing and repelling insects. It has been proven to kill and repel adult fleas, ticks, and mosquitos while eliminating eggs and larvae. And because it deters insects from returning to the treated area, it protects your pet against future bug bites as well.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary is an essential oil that has been proven to be an effective flea, tick, and mosquito repellent. It is also effective at soothing dry, itchy, or irritated skin and stimulating healthy hair growth.

Lemongrass Oil

We humans might love the citrus fragrance of lemongrass oil but insects sure don’t! Lemongrass is a very effective repellent that keeps fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects away from your pet.

Argan Oil (shampoo only)

Argan oil comes from the nut of the argan tree native to Morocco and has been used in cooking for centuries. It’s famous for its health benefits and intense hydrating properties and is a rich source of Vitamin E and essential amino acids that will reduce inflammation and heal your pet’s irritated skin while keeping its coat shiny and well moisturized.

Coconut Oil and Coconut Extract

Coconut is non-toxic for pets but deadly for insects. It coats the exoskeleton of fleas, ticks, and other parasites, suffocating them. And because of coconut’s powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, it also prevents bites from becoming infected and helps heal irritated skin. Plus, its deep conditioning effects will leave your pet’s fur shiny and soft.


Aloe has a higher pH than your pet’s skin, which creates an inhospitable environment that repels fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes and prevents them from reproducing. Aloe is also rich in salicylic acid and cinnamic acid to soothe irritated skin and prevent itching.

Don’t Mess With Fleas And TicksVetSmart Has More Natural Oils Than The Others

PROTECT Dog Shampoo and Spray are 100% safe to use and have NO side effects often associated with over-the-counter anti-flea and pest treatments. They are safe for dogs with allergies.

Act Now To Protect Your Pet And Home

A single flea can lay up to 50 eggs a DAY – and live up to 3 months long! By shampooing your dog regularly with VetSmart Formulas PROTECT Shampoo and spraying with VetSmart Formulas PROTECT Home + Dog spray before you take them outside during flea and tick season, you can eliminate flea infestations and other pest problems before they happen.

VetSmart Formulas PROTECT Shampoo + Spray is made entirely of plant-based ingredients that are non-toxic to your pets but deadly to fleas, ticks, and many other types of insects that may bite or irritate your pet.

And if you can’t protect your pet BEFORE it gets that first flea or tick bite, the next best thing to do is to take immediate action by spraying or shampooing your pet and then spraying your entire home every day until every last flea is gone.


For every flea you see on your dog, nine more are hiding out of sight in your home. Even when you think that you’ve gotten rid of them all, hundreds or thousands more can be lying dormant in your carpet and bedding or on your furniture, waiting for warm weather to return. (Or for you to crank up the heat in your home!)

In order to rid your dig and home of fleas for good, it is critical for you to break the life cycle and ensure no more eggs get laid – and that those that exist in your home are destroyed before they hatch into larvae.

That’s why, for best results, we recommend that responsible pet owners use both the shampoo and the spray to protect their pets and homes.

Why Use VetSmart Formulas PROTECT Shampoo And Home + Dog Spray Instead Of A Commercial Flea Treatment?

When a dog has fleas or ticks, a responsible pet owner will do whatever it takes to eliminate the infestation and give their pet relief. Often that involves using a conventional flea treatment such as an oral anti-flea supplement or a topically applied remedy, such as commercial flea shampoos, sprays, collars, or “spot ” treatments.

But some pets who are given oral anti-flea treatments may experience adverse reactions such as vomiting and skin irritation, particularly if they are on it for a long time (because the fleas keep coming back or never really go away).

Many commercial flea shampoos, sprays, collars, and “spot” treatments (where the treatment is applied directly to the skin, usually between the pet’s shoulders) contain toxic chemicals and have been linked to adverse reactions, including muscle tremors, ataxia, and seizures. In fact, in just one year, the US FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) received over 44,000 complaints from people whose pets experienced adverse reactions to topical flea treatments! Don’t let your beloved dog be the next victim to adverse reactions!

VetSmart Formulas PROTECT Shampoo and Home + Dog Spray includes only plant-based ingredients that have been researched for years and are proven to work but are completely safe for pets. They are soap-free and detergent-free so they won’t strip the natural oils from your pet’s skin and coat, and they include natural moisturizers that condition, soothe and prevent dry, itchy, skin. And they’re safe for dogs with allergies!

Ingredients & Usage Direction:

Made In The USA To The Highest Quality Standards

VetSmart Formulas is made in the USA in FDA audited facilities which adhere to cGMP and are audited by Underwriter Labs.

Every ingredient is carefully inspected and tested before processing, ensuring a consistently safe, high-quality product for your beloved dog’s health.

PROTECT Dog Shampoo & Spray

  • 100% risk-free and safe
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

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