Why More Vets Are Recommending Probiotics for Dogs

Why More Vets Are Recommending Probiotics for Dogs

These days, many people are aware of the health benefits of adding probiotics to their diet. 

But did you know that it’s also a good idea to give your dog probiotics? 

As you may know, probiotics are formulas that contain live microorganisms that are naturally found in the digestive tract. These microorganisms are known as “good bacteria” because they promote good gut health, facilitate proper digestion, and boost the immune system. 

This is as true for dogs as it is for humans. 

In fact, around 70% of all cells in the canine immune system reside in the gut, so ensuring a proper balance of good bacteria in your dog’s digestive tract is a great way to help protect them against disease. 

Here are just some of the ways probiotics can have a positive impact on your dog’s health: 

  • Combats the proliferation of “bad” bacteria and other pathogens
  • Decreases flatulence and gastero-intestinal discomfort
  • Reduces incidences of diarrhea 
  • Improves bad breath and overall oral hygiene
  • Facilitates recovery from illnesses and infections
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Protects against inflammatory bowel syndrome and kidney disease
  • Reduces pain and swelling due to inflammation 
  • Reduces stress and anxiety symptoms 
  • Improves your dog’s psychological wellbeing and behavior (due to the impact that gut health has on the brain) 

So if you want to make sure your beloved pet stays in great health, we encourage you to make probiotics a daily part of your dog’s diet. 


Please note that probiotics made for humans are NOT suitable for dogs, as our two species have very different body chemistry and require a different blend of probiotic strains for optimal gut health. 

At Pet Wellness Direct, the probiotic supplement we recommend for dogs is our own VetSmart Formulas Nutrient Enhancer. It’s one of the best probiotics on the market, with over 15 billion active cultures that have been specifically selected for canine body chemistry. This product was developed by veterinarians and is veterinarian strength.

Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer

(It’s also great to use with our popular Advanced Hip + Joint Complex with MSM supplement and helps to ensure maximum absorption of all the valuable nutrients that formula contains.)  

Advanced Hip + Joint Complex with MSM
If you want to ensure your dog stays healthy for years to come, we recommend you talk to your vet to see if VetSmart Formulas Nutrient Enhancer is right for your pet.

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