5 Tips To Use at Home to Prevent Joint Pain

5 Tips To Use at Home to Prevent Joint Pain

Here are five tips you can use at home to prevent joint pain in your pet:

Tip 1:

Start with food. Remember, your pet, your dog, is not intended to eat grain. Their gut is made for meat. They’re a carnivore, so make sure the food you use is a high quality and a high protein food with proteins preferably that are organic or wild or grass-raised.

You can find many of these on the market nowadays. Look for grain-free, but plenty of greens are acceptable. Again, look online. You’ll find plenty of choices and solid brands.

Inflammation starts in the gut. With good food, you’re going to prevent inflammation. Without inflammation, you’re not going to get joint pain.

Tip 2:

Make sure you’re giving a high quality omega fatty acid supplement. My favorite is green lipped mussel. One of the reasons, is because green lipped mussel works in concert with phospholipids and essential fatty acids, and all these synergistic compounds work really well in your pet to prevent joint inflammation.

Tip 3:

Take your dog for a walk every single day. At least a half an hour has been shown to improve their joint mobility and health. It also improves your health. Even better are two, 30-minute walks a day: one in the morning and one at night.

Tip 4:

Give your dog a massage. You know, we all love massages, and they have healing benefits. The areas to focus on your dog are primarily their shoulders, their neck, their lower and mid back and even their upper thighs if they have hip or knee problems.

Tip 5:

Use a high-quality probiotic and not all probiotics are the same. Make sure to use one that’s at least has 10 billion active live cultures. All inflammation starts in the gut, and when it starts in the gut, it gets into the system and into the joints. If you keep that gut healed and healthy with a great probiotic, then you will keep your dog healthy throughout life.


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