What is Inflammation?

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is a word that we hear a lot about nowadays and for good reason because it is a precursor to all disease and a preview of disease to come, especially those of the joints such as arthritis and other pains.

So what is inflammation exactly? Inflammation in the body is when the blood supply and pain chemicals and cells in a certain area start to become enlarged and swollen and are drawn to that area, and what you see is swelling and redness. You may feel pain if you’re the one with the inflammation. Your dog certainly feels pain. So inflammation can be anywhere in the body. It is the first signal that something is wrong there. That the area has been subjected to an injury, a toxin, or the wrong set of inflammatory mediators in the body.

There really is no difference between inflammation in a human body versus in a pet’s body because inflammation is the signal—and a universal signal—that there’s a problem beginning to happen.

There are different types of causes for inflammation including injury, toxin exposure, even stress. And the way it manifests itself is different for different systems. So if it’s in the gut, an animal might vomit; they might have some diarrhea; they might not just eat well or seem sluggish.

What if it’s in the joints? Well, your pet might limp or lick at the joint. Sometimes what you think is skin inflammation is actually your pet pointing out that there’s a problem in its wrist or its ankle. There are also skin inflammation, and in the skin, inflammation shows itself as hair loss, redness, crusts, scabbing and itching. You want to take note of these warning signals and get your pet some attention before this goes on too long.

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