Beware! 3 Rules in Buying Supplements

Sometimes choosing a joint supplement can be so confusing. I mean you’re standing in the aisle looking at over-the-counter choices and thinking “where do I even begin”! These are the key things recommended to pet owners when choosing clinical-strength products.

Here are the Top 3 things to look for when buying supplements for your dog:

1. No Fillers – One of the key things to look for is that there are no fillers in your dog’s supplements. You don’t want to see corn, wheat, soy, any of those fillers that add flavor but not only don’t add value to the supplement, but they actually create allergic reactions in many pets that you don’t realize until it’s too late. It can actually negate the positive benefits on the joints.

2. Potency – Compare the different potencies. Typically integrative veterinarians will recommend a higher potency and cleaner product. So it’s best if you do know that there’s a veterinarian recommending the right product for your dog.

3. No contaminants – Choose products made in the USA because of the recent recalls in the last several years of products made in different countries.

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