The Benefits of VetSmart Formulas

The Benefits of VetSmart Formulas

What’s the Power of Two?

Veterinarians reported they have had hundreds of patients have move off or reduce their dosages of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories by using the green lipped mussel product on a regular basis. These animals range from a story of a dog named Tank who was an overweight Labrador, could barely get up, taking anti-inflammatories every single day. And as he moved into higher doses of green lipped mussel, we started to reduce his does, and he was playing like a puppy again.

We’ve also seen puppies who’ve sustained injuries to their knee or back, and they’ve improved with this natural supplement where you can’t give a non-steroidal to a young puppy.

We heard a story once about a little Schipperke patient named Tina, she was barely walking. She was almost paralyzed because of her back problems. Some relief with anti-inflammatories, primarily steroids, but she had really reached a plateau. So they started her on green lipped mussel in hopes that it would improve things. Well, today Tina is running and jumping and her dose of cortisones is far reduced to about twice a week. So she was really helped by the green lipped mussel.

So with the highest percentage of green lipped mussel, MSM, sea cucumber, glucosamine, and Vitamine C and E, you could see why VetSmart Formulas is one of the best anti-inflammatory natural supplements for prevention and healing today.

Preventative Wellness

Preventative wellness is so important for your pet. You don’t want to wait till their older in order to start that program. The best thing about VetSmart Formula’s kit is that it’s important to start and easy to start at any age.

Let’s say you have a puppy. It’s a puppy. You think everything is fine, but it’s in puppyhood that little injuries often start and are not manifested until they’re 2 or 3 or 4 years old when it’s starting to get a little too late. When they’re puppies, you can start them on their probiotic and joint support formulas, and you will never have some of those bigger issues that older dogs have.

What if your dog is middle-aged? Maybe they’re 5, 6, 7, still pretty athletic, starting to slow down a little. Most dogs at this age have some low grade allergies, and either in their gut or in their joints, they’re starting to get a little inflammation. This is a great time to start the VetSmart Formulas kit.

Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer

Best-on-the-market w/ 15 Billion active cultures

Maximize Your Dog's Nutrient Absorption And Support Healthy Digestion

Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer

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Advanced Hip + Joint Complex

w/ Green-Lipped Mussel, Sea Cucumber, & MSM

Relieve Your Dog's Arthritis + Joint Pain - Fast & Highly Effective!

Advanced Hip + Joint Complex with MSM

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Benefits of The Advanced Hip and Joint Complex

The Advanced Hip and Joint Complex and the Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer really work wonderfully together to prevent those chronic, old-age, degenerative diseases that you never want to see in your dog.

And what about if your dog is old? They are geriatric. They’re already having stiffness, arthritis, hip or back problems.

Well, this is an outstanding product in order to help make that healing go faster, get your dog off those non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or reduce those dosages altogether and help you avoid the negative side effects of the drugs. The kit is wonderful with the Advanced Hip and Joint Complex and the Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer working together to help heal your older pet.

Power of Two

The VetSmart system with the Hip and Joint Complex and the Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer really works in a way that we really haven’t seen anywhere else in the market because what people seem to forget, and you may not know, is that you can give your animal any number of supplements, but if they can’t absorb the supplements, it’s not doing their body any good. And it’s so important that their gut is healthy.

So the Probiotic formula has been created to really increase the absorption and enhance the effects of the other supplement, the Advanced Hip and Joint Complex. Together, they work all throughout your pet’s body to reduce inflammation and especially noticeable in the hips and other joints.

And that’s what’s so important and so nice about the Power of two. This combination is really the only place in the marketplace that you will find the enhancement of a hip and joint formula with the use of a probiotic  in order to get that into your pet’s body properly. And if you went and try to find these things separately, you would just get lost in the confusion. You wouldn’t know what quality you were getting. But our kit uses the power of two in order to help you with that.

For years we’ve been looking for an easy way to help people combine the power of a great probiotic with the power of an excellent hip and joint complex, and finally here it is. VetSmart Formulas has brought it to you, making it so easy for you to enhance the absorption of the Advanced Hip and Joint formula with a Probiotic formula in one single kit. We call it the Power of Two.

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