Long-Term Benefits of VetSmart Formulas Supplements

Many animals have situations or problems that need to be addressed with strong medications, but the integrative approach includes natural supplements that can eventually replace these medications. It includes preventative wellness where we can get ahead of those problems. And in your puppies and kittens, we can often even prevent those from ever developing in the first place.

Devising a comprehensive treatment that really helps your pet with natural, healing ingredients rather than just throwing steroids and antibiotics and other things at them to solve their joint problems. The root of most joint problems is inflammation  which starts in the gut and when it starts in the gut, it gets into your dog’s system and into the joints. If you keep your dog’s gut healed and healthy with a great probiotic then you will keep your dog healthy throughout life.

The long-term benefits of using the Hip and Joint Complex and the Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer together (also known as The Power of Two) really works in a way that we really haven’t seen anywhere else in the market because what people seem to forget, and you may not know, is that you can give your animal any number of supplements, but if they can’t absorb the supplements, it’s not doing their body any good. And it’s so important that their gut is healthy.

So the Probiotic formula has been created to really increase the absorption and enhance the effects of the other supplement, the Advanced Hip and Joint Complex. Together, they work all throughout your pet’s body to reduce inflammation and especially noticeable in the hips and other joints.

This combination is really the only place in the marketplace that you will find the enhancement of a hip and joint formula with the use of a probiotic in order to get that into your pet’s body properly. And if you go and try to find these things separately, you would just get lost in the confusion of finding the right premium quality supplements for you and your dog.

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