Which Dog Breeds Need to Take Supplements?

All dogs should be on some type of supplement to maintain good health and longevity but there are certain breeds that typically have more joint problems than others. It’s important to look at the stress that your dog is exposed to such as their daily lives, injuries, play and even the food. Here are the common breeds that are prone to the following problems:

  1. Golden Retrievers – Lower back, knee and hip
  2. German Shepherds – Hip and back
  3. Chihuahuas – Neck and back
  4. Shih Tzu – Back and Knee
  5. Rottweilers – Hip and back

In short, there are really no breeds that you can exclude from the need for natural anti-inflammatory supplements. Even if your dog does not currently display any hip and joint issues, it’s important to start your beloved companion on a maintenance program to prevent any problems that may occur as your dog ages.

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