What Type of Probiotics Should I Give My Dog?

Let’s explore probiotics for your dog and specifically numbers and potency. There’s so many probiotics out there and it’s a buzzword right now. So how do you tell the difference or what your dog needs? One of the reasons that VetSmart Formulas Probiotics are a favorite of ours is that they ensure that the cultures are live and active. They stay alive out of the refrigerator. And it’s proven that when you open that bottle or you use that capsule that those organisms are the exact organisms getting into your dog’s body. You cannot imagine the number of tests that have been done on over-the-counter products that show the organisms are either not alive or they’re not the organisms that are suppose to be in there or there’s contaminants such as mold and things that you would never want to give to your dog.

These high quality products not only have the highest numbers of the bacteria in them, but they have the exact bacteria that these dogs run into for their own benefit and their own health and that normally live in their gut.

One of the reasons VetSmart Formulas Probiotics comes veterinary recommended is because it contains very potent high numbers of the right bacteria for your dog’s gut. It has 15 billion live active organisms in every one of those bottles. In addition, it’s quality tested to be free of contaminants, be effective and be active in your dog’s system. And lastly, it’s convenient. You can leave it out of the refrigerator, sprinkle it on your dog’s food, and it tastes great.

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