The Joint Health Supplement Dog Owners Are Raving About

The Joint Health Supplement Dog Owners Are Raving About

If your dog is seven years of age or older, there is a 65% chance that he or she has arthritis.

Does that statistic scare you? 

It should! 

When left untreated, arthritis can severely impair your dog’s mobility, energy levels, and overall well-being. It can even lead to changes in behavior and cause a normally friendly dog to become irritable or aggressive. 


Scientists have found that certain all-natural ingredients that are proven to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis in humans also work in dogs. 

Our team of scientists in the VetSmart Formulas lab were excited to hear about this and wanted to protect our own beloved pets from the pain and discomfort of arthritis. 

That’s why we spent years researching and testing these ingredients and working to develop Advanced Hip + Joint Complex with MSM -- a powerfully effective all-natural supplement specifically formulated to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, hip dysplasia, and joint pain and help dogs regain their mobility, strength, and playful energy. 

Advanced Hip + Joint Complex with MSM


We have tested this veterinarian-strength and proprietary formula with thousands of dogs over the past few years - and here’s what just a few of their owners had to say: 

"Ellie wants to thank you for making her arthritis pain go away and her joints feel looser. She is back to counter-surfing—and bringing me a toy when I come home. I’ll take both! Thank you so much for a healthy alternative to Rx meds!"

– Bryana M.

My 12-year-old Bichon has transformed. He is happy again. He barely moved and just from his bedroom bed to his living room bed. Went potty but, at his own pace. Now he skips and gets excited, plays with our other dog, runs around the house. I mean it’s a true miracle!

– Lynnette C.


“My girl Meika has definitely shown some more pep in her step at 8 years old. She is running around like a lunatic again and actually chasing the ball in the yard more than just once and then giving up!”

– Gail C.


“My 11 year old Maltese was having severe joint and spine pain. Within a week of taking this he is happy and playful. He was to the point of yelping every time he shook his head from neck pain. Not one yelp in weeks.”

– Anglea M.

“This is a phenomenal product! It helped my elder dog Hershey. She’s 13 with arthritis in her elbows, knees, and hip dysplasia in both hips. She couldn’t move without screaming in pain. Now she walks, plays and is in amazing spirits all because of this formula!! Thank you so much!!”

– Kristen C.

“I started my 9 ½ year old German shepherd on this a couple months ago. It’s made a huge difference in her. She has hip dysplasia and did not want to go out for walks anymore. Now she is pestering me a couple times a day to go out. I have a hard time getting her to turn around to go home.”

– Gwynn T.

“This definitely works great. My 9 year old 95 lb. lab was starting to show symptoms of joint pain and stiffness. She’s back to running like a young dog again.”

– Thomas H.

“ I’m absolutely amazed in the improvement of Junior’s mobility. He’s now able to climb the stairs, run around and I swear he’s now smiling. This medicine is incredible!!!”

– Joan P.

“This product is awesome! It gave my 14 y.o. yellow lab her quality of life back. Early Dec she had an arthritic flare up. She couldn’t put weight on one hind leg & I literally was having to lift her to get up to go out. I ordered VetSmart & started her on it 12/11. By the end of the week she could get up & down with minimal assistance & now is totally independent. She’s even been able to resume her nature walks of ~45’ on varied terrain. Her eyes are bright & she’s once again enjoying good health. I’m so grateful for this product! It gave my dog back!”

– Joy S.

“My baby went from barely walking to running down the hallway in short bursts… only been taking this for about a week… amazing!!”

– Tara D.

That’s just a small number of the reviews we have received for Advanced Hip + Joint Complex with MSM -- you can read many more customer testimonials here. 

And if your dog shows any of the common signs of arthritis -- such as limping, lack of energy, lack of appetite, not as much interested in going for walks or playing, or yelping or growling when touched -- I encourage you to visit your vet right away for a check up and consider adding an all-natural joint health supplement such as Advanced Hip + Joint Complex with MSM to your pet’s regular diet. 

After all, why force your pet to suffer unnecessary pain when you can help them regain their mobility and energy - and get their life back? 

You can learn more about this life-changing pet health product here. 

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