Your Dogs Need More Sea Cucumber in Their Lives. (Here’s Why)

Your Dogs Need More Sea Cucumber in Their Lives. (Here’s Why)

If you are a dog owner, here’s something you should know: 

25% of all pet dogs in the US have been diagnosed with arthritis. 

Scary, right? But it gets worse... Because for dogs 7 years of age and older, that percentage goes up to an alarming 65%!

(That’s right - more than half of all older dogs are currently suffering from arthritis.) 

That’s bad news -- because arthritis can cause your dog a lot of pain and negatively impact his or her quality of life. 

The good news is, scientists have discovered certain natural ingredients that have proven to be very effective at combating the symptoms of arthritis. 

And one of the most powerful? 

The humble sea cucumber. 


Sea cucumbers, in case you’re not familiar with them, are bottom-dwelling sea creatures that look something like large, lumpy cucumbers. They have a soft, tubular body and leathery skin and somewhat resemble giant sea slugs. 

(So yes, they’re not the planet’s most beautiful creatures.) 

Despite their unattractive appearance, sea cucumbers have been considered a culinary delicacy and valued for their medicinal properties for hundreds of years. 

Recent research into these boneless sea creatures proves their reputation as a powerful restorative is no old wives’ tale. 

Studies show that sea cucumbers contain bioactive ingredients that have been proven to be effective at treating a wide range of medical conditions, such as: 

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Constipation
  • Periodontitis (gum disease) 
  • Immune disorders
  • Wounds

… and more. 

But the medical condition that sea cucumbers are most commonly used to treat is (you guessed it) arthritis

That’s because these unassuming sea creatures have been shown to contain high levels of chondroitin sulfate, a major building block of cartilage, and collagen, a valuable component of connective issues, as well as anti-inflammatory compounds that relieve pain and swelling and bioactive ingredients that accelerate tissue repair. 

Not only do these qualities make sea cucumbers ideal for alleviating the joint pain associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and spinal arthritis, they also help to rebuild cartilage and increase mobility. 

This has been shown to be true not only in humans, but dogs as well. 

That’s why, when VetSmart Formulas founder Russ Kamalski asked his team of scientists to make a natural health supplement to alleviate his beloved twelve-year-old dog Sienna’s arthritis symptoms, he knew that sea cucumber had to be a key ingredient. 

The product they developed is now known as Advanced Hip + Joint Complex with MSM and has helped thousands of dogs regain their mobility and energy - and get their pain-free lives back. 

Advanced Hip + Joint Complex with MSM

If you have an older dog that is showing signs of joint pain or mobility issues, or you want to prevent future issues with your younger dog -- we encourage you to give VetSmart Formulas Advanced Hip + Joint Complex with MSM a try! 

You can learn more about this exciting new health supplement here.

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