Why Green-Lipped Mussel Is The Natural, Better Alternative to Steroids

Why Green-Lipped Mussel Is The Natural, Better Alternative to Steroids

The Natural, Better Alternative to Steroids: The Green Lipped Mussel

Many dogs at some point in their lifetimes will develop arthritis in joint areas. Usually, they will be prescribed drugs such as steroids to help reduce the inflammation. Unfortunately, these anti-inflammatory medications often have serious, adverse side effects including obesity, lethargy, diabetes, bacterial infections, and the list goes on.

However, no need to fear – there is a natural alternative. Native to New Zealand’s waters, a “sea miracle” for pain relief was recently introduced to the Western world: the Green Lipped Mussel.

The New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel contains glucosamine and ETAs (an Omega – 3 fatty acid), which fight against inflammation and therefore help relieve joint pains.

Scientists have found that these mussels feed on a very specific type of single-celled plankton found only in the seas of New Zealand. Due to a hole in the ozone layer, this species of plankton have extremely high levels of anti-oxidants. Therefore, from consuming this unique plankton, the Green Lipped Mussel is one of earth’s best sources of anti-oxidant rich omega – 3 oils, a paramount anti-inflammatory agent.

In a study done to evaluate the effects of the Green Lipped Mussel on pets’ diets, 31 mixed-breed dogs with varying degrees of arthritis were randomly placed into two groups. Though both groups had the same diet, one group’s diet contained the Green Lipped Mussel. The group that consumed the Green Lipped Mussel showed significant health improvement especially in joint pain and swelling, proving the great impact of the Green Lipped Mussel on join paints, arthritis, and other inflammatory symptoms.


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With such high levels of anti-oxidants, the Green Lipped Mussel is 350 times more potent than evening primrose and salmon oil, and 400 times more potent than flaxseed oil.

The Green Lipped Mussel is natural, very clean, and safe to use in conjunction with other medications. Incorporating this natural food source into your pet’s routine has no negative side effects, unlike other often-prescribed pain medications and steroids. The Green Lipped Mussel is useful not only for pets already suffering joint pains and inflammation, but also those as young as age 2 to prevent pain later in life.

Addition to being an excellent natural source of high dose, high potency anti-inflammatory Omegas, the Green Lipped Mussel has other reported benefits such as healthier skin, an improved circulatory and immune system, and stronger bones and teeth.

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